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Daniela Kolbe becomes chairwoman of the Enquete-Commission | © Thomas Doberitzsch

Niema Movassat in front of the house of cultures Berlin | © Lotta Kilian

Sebastian Körber with state secretary Mücke at the railway station Forchheim | © Wolfgang Busch

Steffen Bilger after the lost regional election | © Wolfgang Busch

German Reichstag | © Wolfgang Busch

Germany 2015

if...Production in coproduction with BR, Luigi Falorni, University of Television and Film Munich promoted by FFF Bayern and FFA

Script, direction, sound: Nancy Brandt
camera: Wolfgang Busch
further camera: Lotta Kilian, Christiane Schmidt, Thomas Beckmann, Thomas Doberitzsch, Ralf Hahmann, ralf Bücheler, Daniel Samer
editor: Mechthild Barth, Nancy Brandt
music: Michael Edwards
TV editor: Petra Felber, Natalie Lambsdorff, Martin Kowalczyk
producer: Ingo Fliess, if...Productions
German distribution: Peter Stockhaus, déjà-vu Film
shooting time: 2009-2013
100 min, colour, HD, Dolby SR

Steffen Bilger (CDU)
Sebastian Körber (FDP)
Daniela Kolbe (SPD)
Agnes Krumwiede (Bündnis90/Die Grünen)
Niema Movassat (Linke)


ELECTED is a film about five young German politicians aged 25 to 32, who are elected for the first time into the German Parliament, the Bundestag: a physicist ELECfrom Leipzig, a pianist from Ingolstadt, an architect from Forchheim, a lawyer from Ludwigsburg and a graduated lawyer from Oberhausen. Their legislative period started in 2009 and will end in 2013. What do they expect to happen in Berlin? What are their ideas and maybe doubts? How will their lives change now that they are part of "important politics"? Can they live up to their own resolutions? Can they change something or will they just blend in? How do they experience democracy in their home country? What kind of success or disappointments will they experience? The film accompanies these five young politicians over the whole legislative period of four years, from their first days in parliament to the next general elections in 2013.

Agnes_Krumwiede am Wahlabend | @ Thomas Beckmann       Westlobby | © Wolfgang Busch
Dates TV broadcast

1.11.2017, 9.02 pm, tagesschau24
11.07.2017, 11.15 pm, RBB
15.11.2016, 10.30 pm, BR
19.12.2016, 01.30 am , HR

DVD release

The DVD will be commercially available after the 20th of May 2016 on the website of Silvercine or Amazon.




theatrical release of the film in Germany

We, 13.7.2017, 6.45 pm, Potsdam/ Thalia Kino Babelsberg followed by a audience discussion with the director
Mo, 15.5.2017, 7 pm, Leipzig/ Zeitgenössisches Forum Leipzig
We, 17.5.2017, 6 pm, Kleve/ Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences followed by a audience discussion with the director
May 2015, Baverian Cinemas with DOK.TOUR 2015 (Flyer) in
• Aschaffenburg (Casino)
• Augsburg (Liliom)
• Bad Endorf (Marias Kino)
• Bamberg (Lichtspielkino)
• Eichstätt (Filmstudio im alten Stadttheater)
• Fürth (Babylon Kino)
• Hof (Central Kino)
• Ingolstadt (Audi Programmkino)
• Landshut (Kinoptikum)
• Marktoberdorf (Filmburg)
• Nürnberg (Filmhaus)
• Ochsenfurt (Casablanca)
• Passau (Scharfrichter Kino)
• Regensburg (Regina Kino)
• Inning-Stegen (Kino Alte Brauerei)
• Wasserburg (Utopia)
• Würzburg (Central)
05.11.2015, 8 pm, Berlin/Kino Central
06.11.2015, 5:45 pm, Berlin/Kino Central
07.11.2015, 5:45 pm, Berlin/Kino Central
05.11.2015-11.11.2015 Hersching/Breitwand
05.11.2015-11.11.2015 Seefeld/Breitwand
12.11.2015, 7.30 pm, Halle S./Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
16.11.-17.11.2015, 5.45 pm, Berlin/Kino Central
15.11.2015-18.11.2015 Erlangen/Manhattan Kinos
19.11.2015 Hamburg/Lichtmeß Kino
25.11.15, 5 pm, Berlin/Kino Central
30.11.15, Chemnitz/Filmclub mittendrin
12.01.2016, Schneverdingen/ Kulturverein Schneverdingen e.V.
13.01.2016, 7.30 pm, Berlin/ Kino in der Kulturbrauerei mit Knut Elstermann, radio1 und den Protagonisten
14.01. and 19./20.1.2016, 8 pm, Kirchlengern/ Kommunales Kino Lichtblick Kirchlengern
26./27.1.2016, 9.30 pm, Erlenbach/ Kino Passage
10.2., 8 pm/12.2., 5.30 pm/15.2.2016, 5.30 pm, Lörrach/ Union Filmtheater
18.-24.2.2016, 8.30 pm, München/ Werkstattkino
24.2.2016, 7.45 pm, Forchheim/ KinoCenter Forchheim, will be followed by a audience discussion with protagonist Sebastian Körber and the director
5.3.- 4 pm, 6.3.- 3.45 pm, 12.3.- 4.45 pm, Halle/Saale/ Luchskino Halle, on So, the 6th march, the screening will be followed by a audience discussion with the director
8.3.2016, 6.30 pm, Pforzheim/ Kommunales Kino Pforzheim, screening will be followed by a audience discussion with members of the Jugendgemeinderat
10.3-16.3.2016, 8 pm, Oberhausen/ Kino im Walzenlager, on the 10th March the screening will be followed by a audience discussion with protagonist Niema Movassat and the director
10.3.2016, 8 pm, Furtwangen/Guckloch Kino
17.3-22.3.2016, Oberhausen/ Kino im Walzenlager
21.4.2016, 6.30 pm, Leipzig/ Prager Frühling, will be followed by a audience discussion with protagonist Daniela Kolbe and the director
16.5., 23.5.2016, 7 pm, Braunschweig/ Universum Filmtheater
25.5.2016, 6 pm, University Leipzig
14.7.2016, 8 pm, Stralsund/ Filmclub Blendwerk, in cooperation with constituency office of Jürgen Suhr, MdL, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN, followed by a audience discussion with the director
So, den 18.9.2016, 7 pm, Schwandorf/ Schwandorfer Dokumentarfilmtage ZWICKL, Union Kino
We, den 21.9.2016, 7 pm, Schwandorf/ Schwandorfer Dokumentarfilmtage ZWICKL, altes Metropolkino, screening will be followed by a audience discussion with the director

Fixed dates will be published regularly.

Trailer (German version)

Interview with producer Ingo Fliess (in German)

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